Super Fun Happy Dog World Domination

$35 a day, 1 dog
$60 a day, 2 dogs
each additional dog $25

Multiple dog rates apply to dogs from the
same family, living in the same household.
Roommates do not receive the family discount.
1st Dog $55
2nd Dog $45
3rd Dog $40

Boarding charges are based roughly
on a 24 hour period. An AM arrival
is preferred and required for most dogs.
An additional discounted
daycare fee may apply.

Boarding transport fees
Non-daycare clients and standby daycare dogs who
don’t have a regular weekly daycare day, who
live in our service area or utilize our meet spots
will be charged a $15 transport fee each way.


Grooming services are only available to daycare and boarding clients. Services will be performed just prior to the dogs scheduled departure.

Bath includes:
Wash/Condition/Towel dry/Blow dry/Brush out/Ear Cleaning
• Small dog $20
• Medium dog $30
• Large dog $40
• X-Large dog $50


Spa package includes:
Wash/Condition/Towel Dry/Blow dry/Brush out/Ear Cleaning/Nail trim and Grind

• Small dog $30
• Medium dog $40
• Large dog $50
• X-Large dog $60


Ear cleaning: $10
Nail-trim and grind (w/ Dremel tool): $15
Anal Gland Expression: $10
Brushout with Spray on Conditioner (price is based on
condition/length of coat, mats may need to be shaved out): $20-$30
Brush Teeth with our brush and poultry toothpaste: $5
Mats, demat or shave out: call/email for a quote

Bonded • Certified in Pet First Aid • Insured 

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