Super Fun Happy Dog World Domination

$30 a day, 1 dog
$55 a day, 2 dogs
each additional dog $25

Multiple dog rates apply to dogs from the
same family, living in the same household.
Roommates do not receive the family discount.
1st Dog $50
2nd Dog $45
3rd Dog $40

Boarding charges are based roughly
on a 24 hour period. An AM arrival
is preferred and required for most dogs.
An additional discounted
daycare fee may apply.


Grooming services are only available to daycare and boarding clients. Services will be performed just prior to the dogs scheduled departure.

Bath includes:
Wash/Condition/Towel dry/Blow dry/Brush out/Ear Cleaning
• Small dog (1-25#) $20
• Medium dog (25-50#) $30
• Large dog (50-100#) $40
• X-Large dog (100# or more) $50


Spa package includes:
Wash/Condition/Towel Dry/Blow dry/Brush out/Ear Cleaning/Nail trim and Grind

• Small dog (1-25#) $30
• Medium dog (25-50#) $40
• Large dog (50-100#) $50
• X-Large dog (100# or more) $60


Episoothe shampoo is an extra $5-$10 depending on the size and coat length of dog.
Ear cleaning: $10
Nail-trim and grind (w/ Dremel tool): $15
Anal Gland Expression: $10
Brushout with Spray on Conditioner (price is based on
condition/length of coat, mats may need to be shaved out): $20-$30
Brush Teeth with our brush and poultry toothpaste: $5
Mats, demat or shave out: call/email for a quote

Bonded • Certified in Pet First Aid • Insured 

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